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An uveitis is an inflammation of the vascular tunic of the eye (one of the internal structures of the eye).

This illness is very frequent in cats. It is important to see a vet, as it can be serious.

The uveitis can thus be seen with:

  • a lowered sight
  • a red eye
  • pain
  • a lack of transparency inside the eye
  • a smaller pupil that of a normal eye

Causes of uveitis are numerous (trauma, infection, tumor, auto-immune disease…).

The vet will determine the cause of the uveitis (with exams: blood sample for example). In certain cases, no cause can be brought to light ( we then say the uveitis is “idiopathic”).

The aim of the treatment is:

  • to lower the inflammation (anti-inflammatory)
  • to decrease the pain (Atropine)
  • to avoid aftereffects (synechia= adhesions iris-cornea or iris-lens) and complications (glaucoma, cataract…)
  • to preserve sight

A non-treated uveitis can seriously compromise the eye and sight. It can indeed lead to synechia, a cataract or even a glaucoma.

It will be important to follow regularily the evolution of the affection under treatment.