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Keratoconjunctivitis sicca (or KCS)

A keratoconjunctivitis sicca is a disease secondary to an insufficiency in lacrimal secretion by the lacrimal gland.

However, the role of tears is to protect the eye. Indeed, tears lubricate, nourishes the cornea and protects it against germs.

A lacrimal inssuficiency leads as a results to an infectious conjunctivitis, a keratitis, and even corneal ulcers. The eye is then red, dirty, dry and sometimes painful.

After a while, this affection can even lead to blindness.

The diagnosis is done by the vet who has the possibility to measure very precisely the quantity of tears that are secreted by the eyes of your animal.

The treatment consists first in treating the secondary infection with an antibiotic eyedrop. Artificial tears are prescribed in order to compensate the lack of natural tears.

Then, a new treatment using a cyclosporine ointment is given. This ointment, on the market since recently, stimulates the secretion of natural tears by the lacrymal gland. This treatment gives good results.

A regular follow-up of the lacrimal secretion is recommended.