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Indolent Cornea Ulcer

A corneal ulcer is a rupture of the external part of the cornea.

The “indolent” corneal ulcer is a type of chronic ulcer (a few days or weeks).

Theoretically, a simple ulcer must heal in 3 or 4 days with an adapted treatment (antibiotics, analgesic, and healing treatment).

Certain ulcers do not heal as rapidly. They are often “indolent” corneal ulcers. The edges of the ulcer are lifted and prevent from a normal healing.

It is necessary to see your vet for this kind of affection.

The indolent corneal ulcer can present the following symptoms:

  • a red eye
  • pain (the animal blinks)
  • A bluish white and opaque aspect of the cornea

The diagnosis is mostly done using a green dye, fluorescein, which allows to bring to light the ulcer.

In this case, a surgery is necessary. It consists in the debridement of these lifted edges and to cover the cornea with the third eyelid. This technique offers excellent results.

A correct healing allows the eye to recover a sane and transparent cornea. The transparency of the cornea is necessary to recover a correct sight.