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The entropion is a malposition of the eyelid: it consists in a winding of the superior and/or inferior eyelid towards the cornea.

It can be congenital (present since birth) or acquired later.

The affection is serious, but treatable:

Serious : indeed, the winding of the eyelid leads to a rubbing of the eyelashes on the cornea that is fragile. This rubbing is going to be seen first by:

  • a conjunctivitis (“red eye” and “eye that cries”)
  • then by an ulcer of the cornea and a very strong pain (your dog seems discomforted, blinks, and avoids strong lighting)
  • finally a perforation of the eye with a panophthalmy (total infection of the eye). At this stage, the eye is definitively lost.

Treatable : It is necessarily treated surgically. It is necessary to reposition the eyelid in order to have once again a normal contact with the cornea. The problem is resolved from the start. This will help avoid all the consequences that we have seen, and will help conserve the eye and its sight.