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A corneal wound corresponds to an effraction of the cornea. It can be perforating (effraction of the total thickness of the cornea) or non perforating (superficial effraction).

The corneal wound is usually secondary to trauma (claws, foreign body,…).

The corneal wound can present the following symptoms:

  • a red eye
  • an important pain (your animal blinks)
  • a bluish which and opaque aspect of the cornea

When the wound is perforating, there is a flow of aqueous humor at first, then a clot of fibrin is formed temporarily. The lesions inside the eye can be very serious (inflammation, infection, glaucoma …).

A medical treatment with eyedrops (antibiotics, analgesic, healing), is enough if the wound is superficial.

When the wound is deep or perforating, a surgical treatment is necessary. The treatment consists in stitching the cornea. It is a micro-surgical technique, which means that a microscope is necessary.

The thread used to stitch the would is not visible with the naked eye (it is much thinner than a hair).

Sooner the treatment is put in place, the less complications are seen.

A correct healing allows the eye to recover a sane and transparent cornea. The transparency of the cornea is necessary to recover a correct sight.