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A corneal ulcer is a breaking in the external part of the cornea. This affection is very frequent in animals. It is necessary to consult, as it can worsen very rapidly. A corneal ulcer is often presented as follows:

  • a red eye
  • an important pain (your animal blinks)
  • a bluish white and opaque aspect of the cornea

The diagnosis is mostly done using a green dye, fluorescein, which allows to bring to light the ulcer.

Corneal ulcers can take various forms and can be more or less serious.

A non treated ulcer can expand and progress in depth and can lead to the perforation and loss of the eye.

A “simple” ulcer must heal in 3 to 4 days with an adapted treatment(antibiotics, analgesic and healing).

Certain ulcers do not heal that easily. It usually is an “indolent corneal ulcer”.The edge of the ulcer is lifted and prevents from a normal healing.

In this case, a surgery is necessary. It consists in the debridement of these lifted edges and to cover the cornea with the third eyelid. This technique offers excellent results.

When the ulcer is deeper, a conjonctival transplant is necessary. It is a micro-surgical technique, where a microscope is necessary. The conjonctival tranplant is withdrawn on the animal itself, and then placed and stitched on the ulcer. The transplant allows a protection and an inflow of nutrients necessary to a correct healing.

A correct healing allows to recover a sane and transparent cornea. The transparency of the cornea is necessary to recover a correct sight.