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Veterinary ophthalmology

Who is specialist?

Veterinary ophthalmology developed rapidly these last few years: development of techniques, of tools.. Veterinarian educate themselves and incorporate novelties in order to treat better the eyes of your animal. Some veterinarians specialize in ophthalmology and qualify: Certificate of Specialized Studies, University Diploma, European College.


Nowadays, many techniques are available to treat and therefore preserve the eyes and sight of your animal. Practically, all examinations and surgeries for men can be done to your animal:

  • Measuring pressure

  • Cataract surgery using thephaco-emulsification technique

  • Surgery on the cornea

  • Surgery for glaucoma

  • Evaluation of the retinal function using an electroretinogram


More and more capable equipments are used by veterinarians to examine and treat the eyes of your animal:

  • The Tonopen to measure precisely the pressure of the eye
  • The electroretinogram to evaluate the retinal function
  • Equipment for microsurgery
  • Equipment for phaco-emulsification
  • Foldable intra-ocular implant

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